is dedicated to promote very high quality handmade products from Nepal and India . We have  a small team behind the scene, based in Nepal and Canada, working within handmade product industry to design and create varaities of crafts products . Our website brings together the whole community Nepalese and Indian women from different part of the country working together to make beautiful handmade products . Our website is a medium to celebrate their work and sell their products all over the world . is helping women from remote areas of Nepal and Indian to improve their lifestyle and empower their stauts by giving them an opportunity to earn some money for their family .


handmade bracelets mishrastore

Please support us to continue working with Nepali and Indian Articians to uplift their life by purchasing our handmade products . Our Articians use Nepal glass beads to make handmade bracelets , Anklets , ear rings and many other jeweleries . We also use different out products (Metal , leather , Paper , Clay etc ) to make different types of handmade products .