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Brand New Dermacol Makeup High Coverage Shade 210

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Brand New Dermacol Makeup High Coverage Shade 210

Package includes

1 x Dermacol make up ( Shade no – 210)


If you are still not sure whether you have the original product or a fake one because of the appearance of the box or tube, you can also distinguish it according to its texture after opening the tube and pressing the base with your fingers.

The texture of the original Make-Up Cover is an anhydrous mass (which does not contain water), so that at no time it is a liquid base.

The original product is very dense and creamy. It does not escape from the tube.

It is necessary to tighten it to come out. In addition, the original makeup Make-Up Cover contains hydrophobic ingredients that repel water, so the original behaves like a waterproof base.

The original makeup Make-Up Cover with its very rich consistency and dense texture has a high content of pigments (more than 50%) which guarantees full coverage.

Therefore, only the original can perfectly cover all imperfections of the skin such as pigment and skin spots, loss of pigmentation, acne, dark circles, veins and bruises, scars, nevus (moles) Large or tattoos, even with a light coat.

This is because only a very small amount (one drop) of Make-Up Cover, with its high and rich covering capacity, is more than enough for the whole face, covering all the imperfections of the skin mentioned above. .

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1 review for Brand New Dermacol Makeup High Coverage Shade 210
  • Josclyn Kair

    love it, got what I wanted, shipped on time,

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